Ordering Process

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  • Click Add to Cart
  • Choose Continue Shopping or Proceed to Check Out
  • If Continue Shopping is chosen, purchase more items
  • If Check Out is chosen Summary-Cart will appear
  1. Summary-Cart Process

If you have a discount or promotional voucher, enter it here.

  1. Click Proceed to Checkout
    • Already Registered: Enter your email address and password
    • Not registered, Click Create an Account
  2. Create an Account
  • Enter First Name, Last Name, Email Address, create a unique Password (5 character minimum), Enter your Date of Birth, opt-in to our newsletter and/or special offers from our partners.
  1. Your Address
    • Enter you address and phone number. At least one phone number must be provided. You may have multiple shipping addresses. We ask for a shipping addresses even for the purchase of virtual products. You may identify that address with a short name in Assign Address block.
    • Click Save
  2. Your Billing Address
    • Verify your billing address – You may Update the Billing Address here or Add a New Address.
    • You have the option of adding a comment about your order
    • Choose Proceed to Checkout or you may go back and Continue Shopping
  3. Shipping
    • You are ordering a virtual product and No Carrier is Needed for this Order will appear
    • Click Agree to the Terms and Service. Click on Read the Terms of Service to gain access to our Terms and Service including these instructions.
    • Click Proceed to Checkout
  4. Please Choose your Payment Method

o   Credit or Debit Card Number

  • Enter your credit or debit card number
  • Enter Expiration Date
  • Enter CVV Code found on the back of the card
  • Enter the Card Billing Zip Code
  • Confirm – Order is processed

o   Cash App Payment

  • Click Start Process by Banking App (Click Other Payment Options to go back to enter Credit or Debit Card
  • Bank Application Payment
  • Click I Confirm My Order
  • On the next page instructions are presented to process the order through Cash App. Be sure to include the ORDER REFERENCE NUMBER with the Cash App payment
  • The Order is Confirmed but will not be shipped until payment is processed
  1. Once payment is processed a confirmation email is sent to you at the email registered in the mall.
  2. Accept the email and Confirm that you have reviewed your purchase and irrevocably agree to the purchase and understand that there are no refunds on virtual products.

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